Enhance your Supply Chain Resilience with SAP Intelligent Insights

Companies are dealing more and more with larger volumes of data from different sources and business processes. The increased availability of information could increase the performance but also be useless and a challenge if the data are not perfectly organized to make beneficial use of it. Additionally, the increasing pace of end-to-end processes is demanding a faster action and quicker responses from the different actors involved in a supply chain, from transportation planners to warehouse managers and customer service.

Enhance your Supply Chain Resilience with SAP Intelligent Insights

For example, it is important for a planner to make sure the planned shipments have all been accepted by the carrier on time or the unloading slot at customer site has been promptly booked. A warehouse manager is interested in understanding the real time load of warehouse operations at the different shipping location in order react on eventual delayed shipments.

These examples highlight the importance of having tools that allow a quick reaction to ongoing activities in order to prevent disruptions and achieve a better customer experience. The availability and usability of accurate data improves operational intelligence and performance.

Moreover, different actors in supply chain need to have access to different data, according to their role, to decrease their reaction time. For instance, if in the company a specific customer service department is responsible only for ship to parties in the north of Germany, this user should have prime access to the data of this geographical area, so that it is easier to perform the checks and consequently react to events quicker. For this purpose, it’s important to have flexible dashboard which can provide the required information in a user-friendly way.

As illustrated, it became increasingly important for companies to have tools that can make sense of all their data by organizing it and easing its visualization. Having this in place, can be essential for decision making (reactive and predictive). One way to improve data visualization for different supply chain users is through the use of dashboards which collects and aggregates the data from track and trace systems and real time visibility providers.

As part of the SAP Logistics Business Network offer, Intelligent insights is a brand-new data visualization and reporting platform that presents real-time insights on your supply chain. For that purpose, it presents different visuals options – charts and maps – that allow users to have an instant and comprehensible overview of their business processes. The dashboards are easily customizable and from the overview offered by Intelligent insights the user will be able to navigate to the detailed view of their tracking data.

Intelligent Insights offers two main features:
  • Logistics Execution Insights which consist of a real time monitor for shipments, where it is possible to view on a map the shipments status and position.

  • Manage Analytic Stories, a set of customizable charts that reflect the data of different business processes, using defined measures and dimensions.


The data used in Intelligent Insights derives from SAP Logistics Business Network. The connection between different data sources is done through SAP Analytics Cloud. Having the data connected, organized and sorted, which is the end goal of Intelligent Insights, can be the key for the monitoring and improvement of companies’ processes. Please connect with us, to learn more about our experience on supply chain visibility, SAP LBN and Intelligent Insights. Visit us on our website www.beemacs.com or contact us via sales@beemacs.com. All product related information about SAP Intelligent Insights are based BETA version of SAP Intelligent Insights.




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  • Sadhan Biswas
    May 18, 2021 At 5:04 pm
    Greater resilience often leads to minimized risk and greater ability to invest in innovation and growth. Improved productivity: Resilient supply chain technologies contribute to an overall rise in productivity across the system. Btw thanks for sharing this info




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