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Supply Chain Visibility is one of the buzzwords in logistics today. However, in the context of industry 4.0, Supply Chain Visibility is not precise anymore – that’s why we will focus on Supply Chain Network Visibility. Real-time data information from all involved business partners is the key to success towards a predictive supply chain.

In the past, visibility was rather a competitive advantage, now it is a MUST. This blog informs about Supply Chain Network Visibility, focusing on transportation and how SAP digital supply chain solutions can fulfill those needs.


Let´s start with a simple situation that everyone of us is experiencing in our daily life. Usually when we order online, we know exactly where our order is, if it will be delivered on-time, early or even late. What do we do with that information? Correct, often we reorganize our schedule based on the latest information to avoid wasting time and to achieve the best for our private life. Maybe we even use the possibility to change the delivery location on a short notice because at a new expected time of delivery we will not be at home anymore.


In short: We use real-time information to reschedule our day to make it most efficient and comfortable. In parallel, even the delivery service can save time based on latest information from the recipients. We can build other examples that might even refer to quality information about the delivery process, e.g. temperature requirements in food delivery, prevention of loss or unauthorized opening of deliveries.


Now, switching the perspective from private to business. Thinking about B2B or B2C processes, we see that the usage is similar but in a much wider context:

Improved cooperation with partners:

Especially in the times of disruption, it is becoming more and more important to share the data and use increased visibility between multiple companies from the same supply chain. This way the whole network can be quickly improved and adjusted by a joint effort.

Reduce inventory cost:

Inbound visibility provides shippers with an increased ability to plan ahead, reducing the risk of product shortages and stock outs. The data provided by inbound visibility allows for better decision making to ensure material availability for production.

Excellent customer service:

As customer service is becoming increasingly important in every industry, transparency and visibility is the key to provide best in class service. By providing your customers with complete route visibility, dedicated notifications and estimated time of arrival, you can drastically improve customer service which leads to client retention.


Over the last few years, network platforms providing real-time data for transportation execution have been established. However, what was actually missing, was a central platform combining all the data across all modes of transport.>


With the introduction of Global Track and Trace (GTT) as part the SAP Logistics Business Network, a solution has been established that acts as the network of the networks for supply chain visibility.


From an operational perspective, SAP GTT supports you by:

  • Providing real-time insights to relevant stakeholders about their business and compliance needs
  • Pro-actively informing relevant stakeholders about process interferences
  • Streamlining business partner collaboration
  • Analyzing data in real-time to predict process outcomes

By leveraging data insights and transforming your business towards more transparency, visibility and collaboration, you gain network wide intelligence to predict opportunities and avoid disruptions. The available data provides you deeper insights to benchmark your performance so you know where you can improve.


Please connect with us, to learn more about our successful examples and customer references benefiting from our industry experience and SAP's platform approach - that allows to create ROI driven and strategic innovation initiatives. This comes based on our BEEMACS IGNITE for SAP Logistics value packages, which are process oriented and best-practice grounded for your success. Visit us on our website www.beemacs.com or contact us via sales@beemacs.co




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