Taking your yard to the higher level

SAP Yard Logistics offers companies with yards intelligent technologies to automate the processes and dynamically create and manage the yard activities thus enabling them to have a competitive edge over others. To increase the efficiency and profitability of the supply chain, the yard manager, who is in charge of the truck, container, or train yard, must be able to have full visibility of all the processes in the yard and as well be able to preview the incoming and outgoing workloads. Also, Yards need to be supported by a highly integrated and easy-to-use system. SAP Yard Logistics is an application that supports these capabilities for yards across various industries.

SAP Yard Logistics

SAP Yard Logistics offers a comprehensive solution that simplifies and centralizes all the processes in a yard. In simple terms, it allows us to decrease the duration of all the processes in the yard, monitor them, scale the solution to different user needs, create an integrated business network with SAP TM and SAP EWM and most importantly, enable digitalization of the Yard.


Despite being available as early as 2016, SAP Yard Logistics is still new to most and it should not be confused with SAP EWM Yard Management. To make things clear, SAP EWM Yard Management is a function within SAP EWM where a Yard is seen as an extension of the warehouse, and operations are managed by warehouse tasks. Although there is a certain overlap with SAP Yard Logistics in the execution phase, SAP Yard Logistics offers a more comprehensive approach for yard operations covering planning, execution, and monitoring phases.


Having mentioned the benefits the solution offers, let us briefly understand the business process on a higher level. As an example, in a typical Inbound scenario, a vehicle enters the plant, warehouse or Distribution Channel through one of the following ways.


1. External vendor through Purchase Order
2. Inter/Intra plant transfer through Stock Transfer Order
3. Returns from customer through Return Sales Order
4. Empty container / Trailer etc. …


Managing all the tasks, including but not limited to unloading the goods from the vehicle and departure of the vehicle from the premise within the planned time depends on how the vehicle is managed in the Yard Logistics system. Here, a Yard Request serves as a planning document including the details of the incoming and outgoing transports. Yard Requests can be either created manually or generated automatically while integrating with other SAP and non SAP legacy systems. Following this a Yard Order which represents the workload to be executed within a certain time period will be created including Yard Tasks which symbolize a list of activities like moving a Transportation Unit to a storage place, cleaning a Transportation Unit, preparing a Transportation Unit, inspection, weighing, unloading, loading, etc..


After finalizing the yard processing and check-out, an unloading notification is sent from SAP Yard Logistics to the system which is integrated, for instance SAP TM, with corresponding timestamps of all the events.


One of the intuitive features of Yard Logistics is the ability to have a three-dimensional visual representation of the whole yard enabling better monitoring of the real-time situation. Furthermore, IoT support and a simple user interface enabling self-check-in for drivers in the language they prefer cuts down many paper-based processes.


With flexible deployment options, rich integration features, and business process-based task handling, the application offers full coverage of customer yard scenarios thus improving the visibility and use of assets and areas more efficiently.


To summarize, the level of complexity of the processes in the yard and the extent of visibility you need to manage in the yard will define whether you need SAP EWM Yard Management or SAP Yard Logistics. In order to get more information on both solutions, please visit us on our website www.beemacs.com or contact us via sales@beemacs.com




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